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An Easy to Understand Key-Benefits of the Motorola IRRInet ACE

Manufacturer Information: This Includes:

Motorola Solutions Radio Components,

USA, INC Hardware, and Software

Quality Standards (ISO9001:2000), health and safety (OHSAS 18001), and environmental management (ISO 14001:2004) standards.

Many Communication Modes

• IP

• Cellular

• Radio (Limitless in Range)

• 2-Wire

• Ethernet

Weather Based

• Have Weather Data tie right into ICC

• No-Fees

• Have Your own Weather station

• Use a State Weather System (I.E: CIMIS)

Built-In Repeater

• For Multi-Site Radio Centralized Control

• Eliminates Comm. Fees

• Reliable

Non-Irrigation Control/Monitoring

• Automate/Monitor Sports Field Lighting

• Automate/Monitor Facility Locks

• Automate/Monitor Facility Security

• Automate/Monitor Gates

• Pumps

• Pool PH/Levels/Nitrates (Accident alerting!)

• All Ties right into ICC


• Choose the sensors that is right for your application

• Analog OR Digital Sensors/Valves

• Modular for Easy and Cost-Less Expansion

• Can Communicate via multiple channels

Motorola IRRInet ACE- Brief Overview.

Motorola IRRInet ACE is SMART/SWAT Complaint in both Weather Based and Soil Based Irrigation-IA Protocol and ICWT Compliant



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