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Why Motorola?

The Motorola IRRInet provides the upmost in Flexibility, Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness for Water Management Systems. Today, more than ever, cost reduction is becoming a large issue for organizations across the world. What are driving these costs are Supply and Demand, Federal Regulation, and pressure from local governments as they try to compete for water.

MWM provides total water management solutions, and by this, we mean integrating various sensors, weather monitoring devices, and third party information systems into one system that take all this information and turns it into an action. The Result is reduced costs across the board in many different Ways. See ROI. Motorola is the only system in world to provide Radio communication as an option that is equal to a cellular node, Wire line, 2 Wire, and IP. In some cases it is more reliable. Benefits include Wireless Communication, which has no Fees and is not reliant on over stressed Cellular Infrastructure. Though Motorola is fully capable of doing all communication options mentioned previous.

Motorola can integrate into almost any sensor today, which maximizes savings and benefits achieved. This is because every sensor is made for specific applications. One Moisture Sensor may be good for Sandy Loam Soil, while another is meant for Clay based Soil.

Motorola can also Control none Water/Irrigation Functions. This results in a ‘total’ Solution. Having one control solution reduces costs of procurement and maintenance. Just like Southwest Airlines® uses Boeing® 737’s for their entire fleet. This Equals commonality among pilots, and reduces Training Costs. Furthermore, Maintenance is reduced as parts are similar, and maintenance crews/contractors are familiar with the components and procedures.

Motorola has designed IRRInet to be backwards and forwards compatible. What is the latest today is obsolete tomorrow. MWM, along with several respected manufactures are working on water management technology that will not exist for another 5 years. Be assured that if you have the Motorola IRRInet system, you will be able to easily integrate those technologies with your system you bought today, or a decade ago and experience the added benefits of the latest in technology.

MWM-Water Management Solutions Built for the 21st Century.

Willie Makeit

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